Melissa White at her studio



Designing and Painting Decorative Interiors

Working mostly to commission I create all sorts of interesting, hand painted artwork for interiors. With a loose, painterly and intuitive style my work is largely pattern based with some figurative elements. I'm inspired by historic textiles and painted decoration and the patination they develop over time. I'm best known for reproducing Elizabethan wall paintings and whilst I have one foot in the past using traditional techniques for heritage projects the other is firmly placed in the present where I work digitally and am happy to modernise.


Visit my website for the whole story, biog and portfolios. 

Meanwhile here at my busy studio I have an ever-evolving range of off-the-peg artwork for sale. This is the artwork I do in between the commissions. Here you’ll find original pieces made for fairs and exhibitions, publishing and licensing and just for the sheer pleasure of it. 

These are the categories:

Fresco Secco Artwork

My own technique of painting on plaster to imitate old, cracked and ageing walls. Using water based paints and natural pigments I paint all sorts of designs both historic and original then finish with wax for an intriguing, time-worn patination.

The final piece is mounted onto a box frame ready to hang.

Cushions ~ Hand Painted

Unique cushions in an array of designs painted with washable fabric paints to maintain a soft handle. I use all sorts of linens, velvets and occasionally silk and the designs will vary on every cushion.

Cushions ~ Printed

Cushions made with printed fabrics that I’ve designed for Zoffany and Lewis & Wood. Mostly digitally printed linens and velvets. Sometimes in one-off trial colourways that weren't used in final production. 

Painted Cloth

This category includes large and formidable wall cloths that hang like tapestries or un-sewn lengths of painted fabric for use in soft furnishings or as wall decoration. I mostly paint on linen, anything from fine to slubby, antique to heavy rustic grain sacks. Some pieces may be painted on velvet, silk or other high quality fabrics.


The mysterious miscellaneous corner of the shop. This will evolve as I create new things at the Studio

Secret Sale

Here’s where I rummage deep in my studio for the off-cuts, the samples, the experiments, and un-finished pieces that only you and I are allowed to see. Keep an eye on this section, even I’m excited to see what I’ll uncover….